Beware of COMMISSIONED Service Technicians

Beware of COMMISSIONED Service Technicians

December 11, 2018

Sometimes when trust should be a given it is when caution is forced. One would think that if you have a technician servicing your furnace or HVAC system, they will tell you what you need and nothing more.   Unfortunately that is not always the case. Believe or not, most companies offer their technicians a commission on parts sold.  

Why is that potentially problematic? It may not be the case always, but in many the technician may replace parts that are not needed only because they will get a commission. This is an age old practice and quite frankly it just does not make sense for the customer. It works great for the companies and employees executing, but all it does for a customer is inflate the invoice.  I’ve heard real stories as to parts being replaced annually that are simply not needed.

A reputable company on the other hand will replace parts only when they are required. If the employees are being paid fair wages, it is never a concern.  It is however a concern in a commissioned environment. Beware of these customers and you should always ask the question very carefully to your HVAC company as to how they compensate technicians. You should ask specifically to the company if any bonuses or commissioned are paid related to job.

At Vent HVAC, the technicians are already paid very well based upon their credentials and experience.   It is something of great pride in the company. No technician is ever paid commissions or bonuses based upon parts or individual purchases at a job site. The only time parts will be replaced is if it is failed or causing failure. You should ask your HVAC company for service references. They are plentiful at Vent Heating & Cooling. We will not suggest a replacement of equipment or parts unless it is truly of your best interest. And that is how it should be for all.

For further explanation and honest answers, please reach out to Vent Heating & Cooling, LLC.  Visit at: or call 440-785-2629

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