Beware Of Free Inspections

Beware Of Free Inspections

October 15, 2018

When dealing with HVAC companies, trust and reputation are extremely important.    There are age old scams of which are still in practice and you need to beware!

Many organizations will offer a free inspection.   This is the first caution to take.   There is a cost to the company to send a technician.   As you have heard, if too good to be true, it probably is not.   So anything using the word “FREE” should be used with caution.   Estimates should be free, but there is a difference between asking for an estimate and inspection.   During a free inspection, if they don’t sell you something for the time of the individual, it is going to be a cost to them.   In most cases, they send a sales person and not a certified HVAC technician.   This is another red flag.   If you want someone to kick your tires and tell you that you need a new car, than feel free.  Sure, some sales people are legit and can be trusted.   If however they are full commission from large companies that do nothing but set up free inspections all day, their prime goal is to sell you everything they can.

For decades there has been a scam of which a free inspection is made and the person coming out will tell you that the heat exchanger is cracked.   In many cases, they will make a phone call to the company making sure that you can hear the conversation.    Rather than telling you, they will state to the company “the heat exchanger is cracked”, or “you are going to have to see this to believe it.”    The goal is to get you nervous and concerned so you will react quickly.   Don’t fall for it!

In today’s world, a carbon monoxide detector is fairly inexpensive.   Everyone should have one.   That has eliminated a lot of the ploys from these age old bait and switch techniques of scams.   If your equipment is old and you have concerns, you should take the initiative to find someone trustworthy.   Get references up front rather than later.    Make sure they are licensed and do your own research on them.    Price alone should never be a gage.   And most of all beware of free inspections!

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