Important Heating Safety Tip: Keep the Intake & Exhaust Pipes Free of Snow

During the winter, when snow piles up and drifts up against homes and buildings, it’s extremely important that homeowners with high efficiency furnaces check to be certain that the fresh air intake and exhaust pipes are cleared of any snow. We’re talking about the white plastic (PVC) pipes that come out the side of the […]

Save Money by “Zoning” Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

From time to time, homeowners contact us to help address areas inside their home that never seem to get warm enough in winter or cool enough during the summer. Often our technicians will notice simple remedies – such as adjusting dampers in basement ductwork that may have been accidentally closed or recommending a change to […]

Choosing A Reputable HVAC Contractor

The first question you should ask, is the contractor licensed?   If licensed properly, the contractor will also have insurance and be a legitimate business professional.   Don’t be fooled though, because no proof is required to take out an advertisement out on Facebook, Craigslist or any internet advertiser.    You need to be diligent when researching. Some […]

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