Beware of COMMISSIONED Service Technicians

Sometimes when trust should be a given it is when caution is forced. One would think that if you have a technician servicing your furnace or HVAC system, they will tell you what you need and nothing more.   Unfortunately that is not always the case. Believe or not, most companies offer their technicians a commission […]

Humidity Control Is EXTREMELY Important!

Every house should have some humidity.   It’s not healthy for you or for the house to have none.   According to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) the target should be 60% for average 72 degree homes. You don’t want too much moisture, but you need to breath comfortably and healthy. Too […]

What Does Union HVAC Really Mean?

The biggest myth of HVAC related to trades is that it means “Expensive.”  This couldn’t be furthest from the truth.  What it actually means quite simply is fair and reputable! It is very typical for contractors of any sort to hire cheap labor.  You have heard the age old comment related to all employees being […]

Beware Of Free Inspections

When dealing with HVAC companies, trust and reputation are extremely important.    There are age old scams of which are still in practice and you need to beware! Many organizations will offer a free inspection.   This is the first caution to take.   There is a cost to the company to send a technician.   As you have […]

Clean Air Flow

Did you know that your air filter in furnace should be changed regularly as in monthly?  Have you ever felt that your air just feels dusty? It is an unavoidable occurrence for your ducting to collect dust in the form of mold, fungi, bacteria, pollen, dust mites and other pollutants. These items will go through […]

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