Clean Air Flow

Clean Air Flow

October 15, 2018

Did you know that your air filter in furnace should be changed regularly as in monthly?  Have you ever felt that your air just feels dusty? It is an unavoidable occurrence for your ducting to collect dust in the form of mold, fungi, bacteria, pollen, dust mites and other pollutants. These items will go through your ducts into the air flow ultimately into your lungs. There is a solution that can be done with little pain.

Air duct cleaning can solve a number of problems and is very affordable. Think of it as a type of maintenance just like you would require for your car. The difference is that you will get peace of mind that what you breath is clean and safe with quite a few other benefits:

  • Cleaned systems could show energy savings ranging from 10% to 30%. This results in lower operational and maintenance costs as well as energy savings. This can be validated through the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. If you look at your natural gas and electric bills associated to HVAC, the cost of maintenance has an easy return on investment.

  • Cleaner air directly impacts health.

  • Less cleaning in your home as a result of not having dust in air.

It is almost impossible for you to clean your ducts on your own. Professional equipment has guaranteed results.  

In addition to duct cleaning, there are many other options that a trained HVAC professional will understand. This could include humidification as well as many other options.

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