Is Your HVAC Company Reputable?

Is Your HVAC Company Reputable?

June 6, 2020

When it comes to home maintenance costs such as unexpected expenses like a furnace or AC, it is imperative to work with someone that you can trust.  Cost certainly is a factor, but sometimes the deal that is too good to be true is exactly that.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is the contractor trained and how knowledgeable are they regarding the industry?

  • What is their business history?

  • Are the employees trained?

  • Are the workers actual employees or are they being paid tax free?

  • Is there a history of trust established?

  • Is the company licensed, bonded, and insured with medical insurance for the employees?

  • Is there brick and mortar established if a need arises for further contact?

  • Are they accredited from organizations such as Better Business Bureau?

  • How many successful units have they installed and what knowledge do they possess regarding various manufacturer options?

Vent HVAC is a company founded by Karl Kastl whom has over 30 years of industry experience for both residential and commercial applications. Karl is married with children and has strong moral values and convictions with a practicing Christian heart. The organization actively participates with local colleges involving scholarship programs.   All of the staff are well trained and experienced employees that earn fair wages with a secure and legitimate future in the industry and most importantly the organization of Vent HVAC.

Vent HVAC is proudly endorsed by the BBB with zero customer complaints and many references and strong testimonials.  The company is fully licensed by the state of Ohio with exceeded amounts of insurance requirements.  Cost of services is competitive and very fair!   Every installation is guaranteed.  You have many options to choose from based upon the residence needs and your particular preferences.

With over a thousand successful installations and knowledge of ventilation, heating and cooling units, you will not be disappointed if you should test anyone in the organization regarding credentials and industry experience.   

For further explanation and honest answers, please reach out to Vent Heating & Cooling, LLC.  Visit at: or call 440-785-2629.   We are located at 1388 Ridge Road, Hinckley, Ohio 44233.

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