Top Tips to Keep Your Cleveland, OH Home Cool in the Summer

Top Tips to Keep Your Cleveland, OH Home Cool in the Summer

July 19, 2019

Now that summer is arriving in Cleveland, OH, make sure that you prepare yourself for those hot temperatures. You can start by taking steps to keep your home cool and save money in the process. Rest assured that by following the following tips, you can keep cool while saving money:

1. Inspecting Your HVAC Cleveland, Ohio, System: One of the first things that you should do is have your HVAC system checked by a technician. The last thing that you want is your air conditioning to give out during the hottest time of year. The technician will check the system’s overall condition to make sure it is working properly.

2. Closing the Doors: Although forgetting to close a door can happen, it can come out costly in the end. Remember that your goal is to keep your home cool and closing the doors can help. Remember that leaving the door open will let the cold air out. This can leave your home feeling warmer and your AC unit working harder.

3. Turn the Lights Off: When it comes to keeping your home cool, you can help your HVAC system by turning off the lights. Since lights can produce heat, having a lot of lights on inside your home can increase the temperatures.

4. Curtains Make a Difference: If you really want to keep those warm temperatures out of your house, make sure that you cover all your home’s windows. You can also invest in thick curtains that will be able to block the sun’s scorching temperatures.

5. Seal any Cracks and Openings: One of the biggest issues that can keep your home from cooling down is cool air escaping. Although it may not seem important, sealing any cracks around your windows and doors can help. Simply apply caulking or sealant to completely seal these holes and cracks.

6. Avoid Cooking in the Day: The best thing that you can do to keep your home cool is to avoid cooking during the day. This will include turning on the stove or the oven. It is always best to keep these types of appliances off to prevent any type of heat output.

7. Set Your Ceiling Fans to a Counter-Clockwise Rotation: You may not know that setting your ceiling fans on a counter-clockwise rotation will push the warm air away from you and to the ceiling.

8. Unplug Your Electronics: You can optimize the performance of your HVAC Cleveland, Ohio, system by unplugging your electronics. Shutting off your TVs, computers or any other type of electronics can reduce the warm temperatures in the air.

9. Invest in Fans: You can help your heating and cooling Cleveland OH, temperatures by investing in fans, such as pedestal fans or floor fans. By using fans to assist your HVAC system, you will take the extra workload off the system, which can optimize its performance in the process. Moreover, optimizing your HVAC system can also help you save money on your monthly electric bill.