How To Keep Your Cleveland, Ohio Home Comfortable & Efficient In The Fall

How To Keep Your Cleveland, Ohio Home Comfortable & Efficient In The Fall

September 17, 2019

The fall is a beautiful time of the year. The scenery gradually changes from green to hues of red and yellow. This is as a result of temperature changes. The temperature gradually drops from the warm summer degrees to cooler degrees.

Fall is the perfect time to tune up your HVAC system. All through the summer, your HVAC system has been working overtime to keep you cool. During the fall, as temperatures drop, however, the demand for cooling is gradually reduced.

This transitional season is a pivotal point for your heating and air-conditioning system. We’ve got some tips to ensure that your home is not only comfortable, it is also efficient during the fall season.

Optimize Atmospheric Temperatures

Your south-facing windows typically permit sunlight during the day, this will cause a rise in the temperature of your home. Close the windows at sunset, this will help you avoid the chill from open windows. You should also seal all air leaks around the house from pipes, chimneys, as well as spaces behind cupboards and closets.

AdjustYour Thermostat

In the warm season, your thermostat is likely to have the AC on. However, as temperatures drop during the fall, you would need to adjust the set temperature on your thermostat to better suit your needs.

Most people adjust their thermostat to make their homes hotter during the day, and cooler at night. Some thermostats even have smart features that do this automatically.

Change Your Filter

A clogged filter will undermine the efforts of your Cleveland heating and air conditioning system. Hence, for maximum efficiency, it is advisable that you change your filter every month. More so in the fall, where the warmer seasons must have reply left a lot of dust on your filter. A clogged unit will run less efficiently and require more energy. It is advisable to replace the filters with new ones so as to ensure 100% efficiency in your Cleveland Heating and Air Conditioning home. This will save energy costs over time.

Clear Obstructions Around Your Outdoor Unit

Debris or plant growth can affect airflow to or from your outdoor unit. You should remove any plant growth or debris at least one foot from your outdoor unit.

Adopt Fans

The fall is a great time of the year to turn off the air conditioning and turn on some ceiling fans. This will give you time to run a full maintenance routine on your heating and air conditioning system.

Schedule Maintenance

Running maintenance on any machine increases efficiency and also extends its life. During the fall, as you prepare for winter, you need to ensure that all components of your heating and air conditioning system are in excellent working order. This will save the extra costs involved in running an inefficient system. Proper maintenance will also save you the hassles of impromptu repairs in case of a breakdown.