Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

December 20, 2018

If you own a house or building, it is not a question of maintenance costs but how they are managed.   Whether it be the coldest of winters or the hottest of summers, all equipment should ultimately have some level of maintenance if you expect to get the fullest of its life cycle and efficiency.    Just like you have budgets for utilities like natural gas, the same thing could be put in place for HVAC servicing.

You could just roll the dice with timing.  If a dreadful moment in winter when it is 20 degrees below and a major holiday your furnace should decide to die, you could scroll through the advertisements and try to find someone whom will answer the phone and charge you an enormous rate, or you can have a service contract in place. A service contract does not just cover emergencies, but also covers routine needed maintenance so that your equipment is fully optimized.   

When equipment breaks down, it is an inconvenience and everyone ends up being stressed.  Rather than throwing your hands in the air when it happens, why not have a plan in which someone you trust could be ready. It not only gives you peace of mind, but can also save you money in the event of an actual emergency fee.

Did you know that equipment that is not regularly maintenance will affect your utility bills?   Whether AC or heating system, if not running efficiently, you will see a cost increase based upon failure to operate as designed. Have you heard the word “efficiency” when it comes to furnace ratings.  That is all based upon how much heat is produced at used from the source of natural gas or energy. That efficiency is directly tied to the manufactures specifications. If not functioning correctly, a 90% efficiency furnace could actually be giving you 50%  efficiency.  

At Vent Heating and Cooling maintenance agreements are custom to each system.  Service is always a priority and a guaranteed service agreement is also put into place.

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