What Does Union HVAC Really Mean?

What Does Union HVAC Really Mean?

October 29, 2018

The biggest myth of HVAC related to trades is that it means “Expensive.”  This couldn’t be furthest from the truth.  What it actually means quite simply is fair and reputable!

It is very typical for contractors of any sort to hire cheap labor.  You have heard the age old comment related to all employees being bonded.  Well that could be true, but does it really matter if it is simply part of one single blanket document that costs a business owner one flat rate fee per year regardless of whom they utilize with labor?  The point here is that if you work with the cheapest company you can find, in most cases it will be the informal business partner utilizing labor with no experience that is coming and going.

I like to make the comparison of the one guy with a single truck compared to a company that has a crew. This comparison is not always the telling sign, but it does indicate whether or not you are dealing with a business verses a guy who is simply working at his leisure. Make no mistake, if you want a hillbilly with a pickup truck, there are many to choose from.

What it truly means to be Union is that the labor is formally trained, and is receiving fair labor. That may first appear to mean more money.  But again, it only means that you have technicians working in your house that are not coming and going depending on their social desires. It means they are committed to the trade. It means the employer stands behind them offering a future. It does not mean they are making the big bucks, simply fair wages along with insurance. It also means that they will be around and that their employer stands with them both in training and in trust.

You have to understand when making a comparison of what you would really like in a company. Do you want the guy in the rusted truck who finds a new weekly helper while at the bar? Or would you prefer someone who is a formal business offering legitimate practices of a business with trained and regular employees? If you do a cost comparison on this, you would see that it is really not a significant amount at the end of day for what you will actually pay.   What you will find is a huge quality and trust difference.  You will also find that if there is a faulty installation it will most likely be only one that will stand behind the services for any long term period.  

VENT HVAC is the only residential union contractor in the area.  This does not mean they are more expensive.  It means they are credible.  They work with local colleges involving training.  Their employees are all long term. And most importantly, you will never have an issue involving warranty and trust.

For further explanation and honest answers, please reach out to Vent Heating & Cooling, LLC.  Serving all of northeastern Ohio with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.   Visit at:   www.venthvac.com or call 440-785-2629

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